Compound feed

• Bagged and bulk feed
• Feed with extruded cereals
• Two specialised factories
• Certified and ‘Q’ denomination feed

Stock Rearing

• Pig producers’ group 049
• Cattle producers’ group 049
• Veterinary Pharmacy
• Computer monitored reproduction


• Solid and liquid fertilisers – application
• Plant health and seeds
• Organic and mineral fertiliser management
• Plant Protection Group (ADV)


• Maize dryer
• Cereal harvesting
• Campaign settlement valuing system


• Food
• Packed fresh meat
• Groceries
• Frozen and fresh
• Pork products
• Bakery


• Service Station
• Diesel home delivery
• Propane gas home delivery


• Agricultural Technical Service
• Stock Farming Technical Service
• Business and Tax Advicel
• Agricultural Insurance
• DUN Procedures – Stock Farming Premiums
• Projects and legalizations

Credit Section

• Current Accounts
• Instant Access Accounts
• Fixed Term Accounts
• Business Promissory Notes
• Finance


“Qualivars” is the result of the union of the right way to produce meat and members of the Cooperative Ivars various meat industries of which is cooperative provider, and a supermarket can offer our product quality, closeness and trust.

La Cooperativa informa