Today we received a delegation of women cooperative members from Morocco.

Among them, some presidents of cooperatives dedicated mainly to buying cereal and transforming it into couscous, and others dedicated to the production of argan oil. These cooperatives are made up entirely of rural women, who receive incentives from the Moroccan government for their establishment and activity.

We have told them about our origins and the values of cooperativism, which have enabled us to carry on the spirit of those pioneers who started the path that we continue to build, promoting the rooting of families in the territory and the economic development of the environment.

The keys to our success are the KM.O cereals of our partners, the specialisation by type of feed of each of our factories, the constant research and innovation, which are subsequently translated into excellent results, such as those obtained at the Valfarta farm, winner of the Golden Pig, or the experimental steer and fattening farms of our partners that have recently obtained the PAWS certificate from Provacuno.

Finally, we have shown them the latest technical innovations incorporated in the Ivars factory, which allow us to manufacture our compound feed with maximum efficiency and nutritional quality.